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Do you want to sell your boat? White Whale Yacht Brokers is a brokerage you can rely on when selling a boat.

Our promise to you is that we will find the right buyer for your boat in the shortest possible time, for the right price. In today’s market, this means that we will advertise your ship optimally on all relevant and dominating websites in Europe including for global reach. No other broker will use a network that extensive as we do. iWe will reach the right audience for your boat. That’s why we want and can promise 100% no-cure-no-pay. Take advantage of our large network of 11 White Whale offices in Europe.

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Sell your boat and take advantage of the clear contracts

When you engage us for boat sales, you benefit from clear contracts and agreements. No small print, but maximum transparency. When selling boats, we offer you a very professional sales process with an optimal chance of success at minimal costs. Forget a “do-it-yourself” adventure when selling boats. Bad stories or experiences with a yacht broker? Not with us! We really offer you the best chance of boat sales and take everything out of your hands.

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What does the sales service of White While Yachtbrokers cost?

We work completely no-cure-no-pay. If your boat is not sold within 9 months, you can change course and no fee is due. Not even for the advertisements and viewings. We will charge you a competitive brokerage of only 5% excl. VAT, calculated on the sales price of your boat, with a minimum brokerage of € 3.000,- excl. VAT. For ships with sales proceeds from € 150.000,- we only charge a 4% commission excl. VAT. Ask us for a proposal for your ship and make an appointment with us (preferably on your ship) to determine the right sales process together with you.

Also for ships that are far away from our offices (more than 1 hour drive) or in a country where we are not represented, we are happy to make an interesting proposal tailored to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for selling your boat.

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Professional knowledge of boat sales

Yacht brokerage is a combination of traditional knowledge and professional experience combined with the most modern media and software. Every independent White Whale Yachtbrokers office has the experience and know-how. With an annual turnover of approximately € 30.000.000,- in used vessels, you can be sure that you are dealing with an experienced party and that your chances of a successful boat sale are the highest.

We are well versed in checking property certificates, insurance contracts, land register registrations, mortgages, deed of delivery, export documents and other matters required for registering and (international) transfer of ownership. The brokers have knowledge of the current market and have the right contracts (in several languages) and a protected client account for the payments.

Setting a responsible asking price when selling boats

We have the experience and knowledge to set a responsible asking price for your boat. For a good chance of a successful boat sale this is an essential part. A White Whale yacht broker has the most up-to-date data available in the industry to work with you to determine the right price in the market to sell your boat.

Set up a marketing strategy and the adverts

Your White Whale yacht broker will set up a marketing plan for your boat which is optimized specifically for your boat for sale. There are many different types of yachts, so customization is a must in order to create a maximum chance of success.

The goal of your broker is to bring your yacht to the attention of the right audience. Your yacht broker will draw up the necessary advertisements (free of charge!) and take care of the distribution on various electronic media as well as printed media, including every edition in the Yachtfocus Magazine. With this we will not only bring your yacht to the attention of a large audience, but we will also approach the suitable candidates from our own huge European network directly and actively with a mailing. We can also make a 360 degree presentation of your boat.

Prepare boats for sale

We advise you on any improvements that need to be made to your boat to be able to compete with other offers. We will discuss any obstacles and solutions with you and can help you to carry out any upgrades and repairs if required. We will also help you find the right berth and/or winter storage if necessary.

Inspection, trial run and delivery of your vessel

Usually the buyer will request a trial run and inspection of your boat for sale. The costs of the expert and the crane are for the buyer. Your yacht broker will normally be present at this trial run and inspection in order to steer things in the right direction and to find a solution in case of any problems. When this process is over and the payments and documents are all in order, the ship will be delivered to the new owner by signing a Deed of Delivery.

A buyer then often needs help preparing the ship for the journey to the new berth or for transport by truck or ocean-going vessel. White Whale has the contacts and knowledge to guide this process and give the new owner a good start.

White Whale global network

We specialise in major common brands such as Bavaria, Hanse, Beneteau, Jeanneau, Dufour, Dehler, Linssen, Fairline, Princess and Hallberg Rassy. Don’t be tempted by relatively expensive or “part-time” brokers or traditional sales ports. There is no brokerage company that advertises so extensively and puts so much effort into actually selling your boat as the brokers at White Whale Yachtbrokers.

We advertise with all boats in every edition of the Yachtfocus Magazine (circulation over 30.00 pieces, distribution in more than 600 marinas and at all major international fairs) and on more than 40 mostly international websites:

and many others…

Please contact us to sell your boat

Would you like us to help you sell boats? Feel free to contact us and schedule an appointment with no obligation on your boat for sale. You can reach us at +31 (0) 168 820 208 or by mail Click on the button below for a full overview of all our offices in Europe.