History of White Whale Yachtbrokers

White Whale Yachtbrokers is founded in 2003 by Guido van den Berg.

As fervent sailor he bought and sold regularly ships. The service that was granted by the brokers he turned on, he found too expensive on one hand, on the other hand, too lazy. Most yacht brokers also want to sell new boats and other services. Thereby, the emphasis is often not for the full 100% on the brokerage. In addition, it is an industry where cooperation did not occur, whereby the brokers remained too small to really be effective in the global market of ships. So why not starting an own yacht brokerage?

The concept began selling from the yachts own berth, located in the Netherlands. White Whale Yachtbrokers was the first in the Netherlands to offer a complete service for brokerage from your own mooring. And this at a significantly lower rate than the sailor was accustomed to the traditional broker. And emphasis is still on extensive advertising on the Internet in particular. With this White Whale Yachtbrokers was already ahead right away in 2003. And advertising always with good recent photos and complete details of the ship, honest advice to both owner and buyer and a transparent service.

The efforts were appreciated: less than 6 months later, the second employee was already on full time duty because the growth was enormous. Since 2007 the head office of White Whale is located in Willemstad (NB), in a beautiful building on the new marina, where 3 yacht brokers are always there for you.

Of course there was also the intention to have several offices in the Netherlands. To ensure quality and motivation, it was decided to work with independent brokers. Precisely because the ships are moored in their own berths, geographical distribution is very important in order to efficiently deal with the logistic problem. In 2008 White Whale Enkhuizen, run by Robert de Vries, became the first independently operating office of White Whale Yachtbrokers through a franchise set-up. This was quickly followed by White Whale Sneek, run by Enno Dijkstra. By now, the company has grown into 9 branches throughout Europe with over 350 ships in the sale and an annual turnover of approximately € 30,000,000 in ships sold. We also have several berths of our own for water sports enthusiasts who do not want to sail themselves anymore and perhaps even want to outsource the maintenance. We are also specialized in selling ships from the Mediterranean Sea. In 2018, the supply to the Mediterranean Sea that we offer will be sold within 6 months on average. So real success, no promises. The selling your boat is our first concern.

We are your yacht broker

White Whale Yachtbrokers has over 100 years of experience in the home and more than 2.500 successful transactions. We master the art to also make selling your ship a success. Better than any broker we advertise your ship on more than 40 major websites worldwide and we work with a large network of agents across Europe. This precious and professional approach we can only do at our very competitive rate, as we join forces through our franchise system and because we also sell a lot of ships. Still we sell about 80% of ships to buyers outside the Netherlands. With us you have the greatest chance of success at low cost, no to be matched with any other yacht broker.

Take advantage of our service and contact us for a free advise.