Buy a yacht at White Whale Yachtbrokers

Want to buy a boat? How we can help you:

  1. The first application

    We will help you immediately after your first request to us. We try to answer any questions you may have after seeing an advertisement, usually together with the selling owner. We will make sure that you can view the boat if you wish and that the boat is ready for you. We do our best to inform you as objectively as possible in advance, also to avoid unnecessary disappointments during a viewing.

  2. Organizing financing and insurance

    Perhaps you would like to finance part of the purchase in order to have more room for manoeuvre in the negotiations. Of course you want your new property properly insured. We have good contacts throughout Europe with the most reputable companies in this field and have the knowledge in-house to support you in making the right choices.

  3. Bidding on a ship

    Of course we will help you to make a realistic offer for a vessel, to maximize the chance for you to buy the vessel for a fair and good price. If an offer is accepted, we will draw up the sales agreement stating the exact conditions and arrangements, including a final date for payment and delivery. Payments always go through a separate third party account, so that your down payment and final payment are safe until the transfer of the vessel is a fact. Usually this is after a satisfactory trial run and inspection.

  4. Paperwork

    All the necessary paperwork for a transfer of ownership is checked by us and, if necessary, requested from the relevant authorities. For you as a buyer it is important that there is proof of payment of VAT, that the ship is free of debts and attachments and that the seller really is the owner. Furthermore, we check the ship’s register to make sure that the vessel is not mortgaged.

  5. Proofing and expertise

    If you have found your dream boat, we always recommend a trial run and to have an expertise on the ship carried out by a recognized expert. The buyer pays for the expert and the crane costs. We arrange the appointment with the surveyor (of your own choice) and the shipyard. In principle, we are present during this inspection and trial run and mediate if any problems are found. Occasionally a major defect is found on a vessel. Of course, as a seller you can then go out of business without any obligations. In case of smaller defects, we help both buyer and seller to find the right solution, usually a settlement of the costs.

  6. Protect your payments

    White Whale Yachtbrokers uses a separate customer account (third party account) so that you, as the buyer, can be sure that your deposit and final payment are secure. Only after the vessel has been transferred to the buyer, and after signing the Deed of Delivery, will the purchase price be transferred to the seller. In the case of private transactions this is a potentially risky moment, but not at White Whale.

  7. After delivery

    Once the vessel has been delivered to the new owner, your White Whale Yacht Broker can help prepare the vessel for sailing, have any work done or even prepare transport if the boat is going on a truck. We have the right local contacts and knowledge to give you the right start as the new owner. Even if you are looking for a new berth for the ship, we have the right partners.

Please contact us to buy your boat

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